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you broke my heart, you left me hanging, you left me with no other choice. you did this to me, you destroyed me, and you’re perfectly fine with yourself. i can’t even believe you. i hate you for what you have done to me and i never want to see you ever again. thank you for ruining everything i ever was. i hope you’re happy with the decisions you’re making, but i’m done. i’m done with being hurt and crying myself to sleep every night. i hope one day you can truly understand the pain you put me through and accept what you did to me, because you are too damn stubborn to even realize it now. i hate you. you’re the reason i will never be the same, the reason i will never be able to fall in love easily. never speak to me ever again. i can’t even believe you. you think this was so easy for me, as if i actually wanted to throw away the entire year and a half we were together. you sit there and blame me and tell me this was all i ever wanted, but you are so wrong. had you not lied, and hurt me the way you did we would never be in this damn situation. go ahead and blame me for everything like you always have. i’m not gonna be here for you anymore, so don’t come looking for me. i deserve so much better than what you gave me. you’re the only one giving up here. i’m moving on with my life. i’m going to find someone who appreciates me and gives me the world. goodbye to the person i thought you were. i hope you’re happy.


Awake my soul

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